Sortie Le 20 Mars?

    I was just putting the release date bingo balls back in the tombola then this one popped up. A French retailer looks like they are going for a March 20 release date as snapped by a budding shopper. You can add that to the lottery list.

    The 20 March is a Tuesday which is the date games get released in the US, and as this is supposed to be a global launch, at least they have made an attempt to post a date that makes sense.

    Also, today was the day that Best Buy were having their special midnight launch for the game. I wonder how that is working out for them, they must be preparing the bunting and getting all the seats warmed up for the the Blizzard dev team so they can sign copies of the game. Hang on! There is still iteration to be done. Sorry Best Buy Jay and the crew won’t be making your launch so you may as well start on the drinks now.

    To keep up to date with all the release dates check the DiabloWikiDiablo III release date section.

    Thanks Eric Brighteyes.


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