French Going for March 20 Release

Sortie Le 20 Mars?

I was just putting the release date bingo balls back in the tombola then this one popped up. A French retailer looks like they are going for a March 20 release date as snapped by a budding shopper. You can add that to the lottery list.

The 20 March is a Tuesday which is the date games get released in the US, and as this is supposed to be a global launch, at least they have made an attempt to post a date that makes sense.

Also, today was the day that Best Buy were having their special midnight launch for the game. I wonder how that is working out for them, they must be preparing the bunting and getting all the seats warmed up for the the Blizzard dev team so they can sign copies of the game. Hang on! There is still iteration to be done. Sorry Best Buy Jay and the crew won’t be making your launch so you may as well start on the drinks now.

To keep up to date with all the release dates check the DiabloWikiDiablo III release date section.

Thanks Eric Brighteyes.


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  1. sign of release meter: 7%

  2. Could we please have no more of those news. I think it’s quite clear that no retailer will get release date before it’s officially announced and those posts serve absolutely no purpose as those are simply wild guesses. What’s the point really? There are hundreds of retailers out there and you gonna tell us every time some of them change their D3 date? 🙂

    • We usually do a wrap-up lottery post but sometimes when a pic comes from a store in it’s always nice to post as it shows how stores are trying to get the hype rolling.

      Ans besides I think Elly wanted to point out the Best Buy story because it caused such a stir when it happened.

    • Hi

      Thanks for the feedback but yep, we’ll carry on reporting major retailers, especially when they have planned launch parties.

      I agree, it’s been clear for a couple years now that retailers won’t be the ones announcing the release date, that’s pointed out in so many of the news posts here just to make sure newcomers are clear on that.  We try to be inclusive with our news, reporting for newcomers as well as those not so new.

  3. The popular Dutch online retailer has listed 31 March for a while now, although it also says it’s only a fictional release date.

  4. IGN has it listed as March 31st, which I think they did because it is the latest it can possibly be released while still being Q1.

    and saying that… if they normally announce 8 weeks before… then even March is out of the question.

    • I was thinking the same thing, we may know more during the next Activision investor conference call.

    • Hmm I just counted, February is 4 weeks, March is 5 weeks. So that 9 weeks total until March 31st. Im guessing if they want to make that Q1 release they still have about a week to announce the game. Failing that, its back to Blizzard blowing smoke and giving us bullshit until about June. Im guessing June is now the realistic date.

  5. We’re les tired of these dates. 😛

  6. um..and where are u from..? 🙂

  7. Hey dumbass, listen to this: Blizzard is owned by Activision, and Activision is owned by a french company called Vivendi. so STFU please

  8. outch…1:0 for the french? 🙂
    I wonder me about the rude tone. People going slowly mad in the head? No beta key, no release date….omg!!!

  9. For what it’s worth, Best Buy has moved my CE pre-order availability to June 30th now =]
    Don’t care anymore about the release date and had given up looking when I got a beta invite yesterday. Might make me change my mind on the CE and perhaps if the impression isn’t that good I’ll cancel and just buy the regular box version or even digital version instead.

  10. This is 19 11 2011 but

    2:20 “we are almost done”

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