French and German Beta Clients Now Alive

flagAs we reported last week Beta clients in French and German language are available for EU players. When trying to install the clients last week we were greeted with an error message saying “Unable to initialize streaming. Please check your Internet connection.” This is now fixed and you can install your client in either French or German.  Rejoice.

Thanks to user Welch for e-mailing us this update.

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  1. Good to know Although I am not a European.

  2. I’m a german fella but don’t really care, though. Original ftw!

    • Exacly, I’m really glad they’re not doing a Polish edition like they did with D2 and LoD, as I always perfered the original and always spend hours looking for a working english .mpq file 🙂

    • This is really directed at both wurm and SirAdis, just out of curiosity do you do this for all games you play?  For example playing Japanese games in Japanese or is it just that you also know english and when given the option (if it’s the original) you’d prefer that?

  3. Sign of boring times

  4. I’m downloading this just to hear Jondaaaaaaaaaar in french, I’m not even kiding.

  5. im german ; and i think for the greater good of all diablofans and on behalf of the german population someone should give me a betakey … no ? ok : |

  6. I’ve been watching a German playthrough on youtube. All Skeleton Kings should be German. The voice acting seems nice, but I’m monolingual. I’m curious to know how long it took to come up with reasonable translations for everything. Consider all the names we use for item types, all the monsters, etc..

    I like the sound of “Arkanflut” (Arcane Torrent). Linky:

  7. Here’s a taste of the German female barbarian for everyone who is interested:

  8. Give us the damn release date!

  9. Um, so if these clients have just gone live, we can assume the release is at least 2 months away. Ugh,
    Think about it, would it make any sense to give these clients only a handful of days to beta test? Nope. 
    This sadly rules out any possibility of an April release, and even makes a May release unlikely. Sad.

    • 2 years, my friend, 2 years.

    • These testers would rather have the final product as soon as possible than two full months of beta testing, don’t you think?
      Most of the system testing is done anyway, they just give Europe a taste of localisation.

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