Just when you thought you had seen it all, a French online sex toy retailer is offering a free sex toy to all Diablo 3 widows as a clever sort of viral marketing. French retailer Absoloo posted this for all partners and girlfriends who may be feeling a little lonely right now.

    The situation is so, you must admit, your man would rather go in search of magical jewels, gloves sorcerers, and other heavy war clubs to get XP points rather than engaging in the research of your G-spot and gain sexual experience.

    Do not despair over! We decided to help you!

    To receive this offer, simply post on our Facebook page a photo of yourself along with the game Diablo III until May 28

    It’s amazing how a game release can come to the attention of companies that have nothing to do with gaming and then use it as a promotional tool (no pun intended). Hats off to them.

    Thanks Ericbrighteyes.

    Update: Photos of some of the picture submissions (all SFW, ironically) courtesy of the Daily Mail’s tabloid style coverage.

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