Free Legendaries and Rares in the US


Christmas has come early

I don’t usually do news posts of this nature but it seems mean-spirited to keep this one to myself. A group of players (including b3astxblitz#1859) have been playing for over 20 hours now and I’ve been watching their stream of it.

All the loot they’ve found they are about to give away and it’s just screens and screens of the stuff.  I mean, cartoon pop-out eyes inducing.  Check it out and if you’re in the US and wouldn’t mind picking up some free items I suggest you hop on. Unfortunately I’m in the EU so I’m reduced to stroking the screen.

View it here.

Update : They’re playing on DiabloWikiMP 2.

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  1. Hmmm. Late to the party. Give away is done, and the players just keep dying.

  2. Last time when some troll on twitch was giving out 1000 legenaries, said he is donating them to jay wilson and quit the game with 1000 legendaries on the floor…

  3. I occasionally watch streams for a couple minutes, it’s interesting to see other player’s efficiency. I can’t easily tell what MP level they are farming. The timer in the top right blocks the MP and saw no reference to MP anywhere. Am I blind?

  4. It’s 2 KingMofo, just asked.

  5. too bad 90% of those items are trash anot not worth even takin

  6. I doubt i will get anything so i will just let others go for it, as i am always late and slow.

    but i would only want items that i could personally use not items that have no use to me or i could not use or were not an upgrade.

  7. Wow the mods actually removed my comment, just cuz I said how these streamers are all about the views cuz they always give away the id’d stuff that is too crap for them to keep, and its like ‘here you take this garbage, noob’. Yeah I just reposted to say that, now pls go ahead and delete it again, no wonder this site is so boring.

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