War Productions, an IT site, has posted a short interview with Blizzard’s DiabloWikiFrank Pearce. There are questions about WoW Cataclysm, and one about Blizzard’s approach to gaming via mobile phones and non-PC products. A quote:

    A.G.: Shifting gears: Gaming on mobile phone factors is exploding. How is Blizzard handling that?

    Frank Pearce: For us, we have so many great ideas to consider that, when it comes time to execute, we just don?t have the resources to do everything we would like to be able to do. We?ve talked about Cataclysm, we?ve talked about Starcraft 2, we?ve talked about Diablo 3. These are all projects that require an immense amount of resources for us to be successful. So for us, when we look at social networking platforms and mobile platforms, it?s more about identifying ways we can enhance the experience of our primary PC gaming experiences and build around that for right now. That seems like something that?s manageable for us and can potentially really enhance the gaming experience.

    If you look at World of Warcraft as an example, we have a mobile app that?s called the Armory, and it allows you to browse character profiles. Within the last year, we added a mobile auction-house functionality. You can actually interact with the in-game environment through an interface on your mobile phone and post auctions and bid on auctions and retrieve items from your mail. It?s something where we?ve got a big, long list of ideas that we think we can use to enhance the experience through mobile game. We?ll plug away at it, and I think you?ll see more stuff like that in the future.

    It’s widely-expected that we’ll get some sort of Auction House in Diablo III, and probably something similar to the WoW Armory as well. What do you guys think about being able to access those via a smart phone or other mobile device? It seems potentially useful to me; after all, if you’re going to be a successful trader, you’ll need to check in regularly, to complete transactions, whether you’re buying or selling. And if you can do that through your phone… why not? It beats another game of Angry Birds.

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