While Americans enjoy a day off and look forward to fireworks, the British mutter about former colonies, and the rest of the world pays no attention in either direction, there’s Diablo III news to sustain us all!

    [*]VideoGamer.com has a solid article on The Top 10 Diablo 3 Questions Blizzard Needs to Answer. There’s no new info, just commentary on known issues, but it’s a good read.

    [*]1up.com has a nice interview with Rob Pardo, in which he addresses numerous burning D3 issues.

    [*]The ongoing controversy over D3’s palette has trickled up through gaming sites into the techie and mainstream press, and today brings articles on it by SlashGear and The Globe and Mail. Blowback is underway, with counter petitions supporting D3’s palette and graphics gaining popularity. See those here, here, and here.

    [*]Mtv’s gaming blog is apparently trying to start up a different petition, provocatively asking fans if they prefer the Witch Doctor or the Necromancer. Not coincidentally, this topic is the source of much of the conversation in our Witch Doctor forum, if you’d like to discuss it with people who are actually following the game.

    [*]Eurogamer has posted a large Diablo III preview. It’s nothing new since the WWI, but is pretty thorough. They’ve also rehashed an earlier Rob Pardo interview to focus on the question of Diablo III on consoles.

    [*]Javno, which would be a good name for my next throwing Amazon, has a late-breaking D3 announcement/preview.

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