Forums Down for Maintenance

This is is a quick technical notice to say that our forums are down at the moment for a major upgrade. They should be back online around 6AM GMT. Yes I am on the night shift today 🙂

I’ll post an update when I finish up the work.

Update: The forums are now back online. Note there are some styling and images to sort out but we wanted them back up asap so we’ll do those fixes as live.

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    5 thoughts on “Forums Down for Maintenance

    1. “so we’ll do those fixes as live.”

      What Rushster really said: “We’ll do it live! *@#& it! Do it live!”

    2. I like the new look.
      Thumbs up!

      Here’s my suggestion about the icons modified with this update. I would like to see these icons a bit darker and less bright because it’s very flashy and annoying for the eyes, otherwise I like the rest

    3. on the front page, the links in the Forum Posts box on the right side are broken, they have an extra link in front of them 

      (resubmitted without linked examples because the post was flagged as spam)

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