Forum Work Continues

Update: The forums are now back. Thanks for your patience everyone. Now I can sleep 🙂

Update #2: Oh, one more thing, TapaTalk and ForumRunner are now active in the forums for all mobile users.

A quick heads-up that the forums will be down for a while, we are moving stuff around and also updating a few bits and pieces so things may look a little out of whack in places. The forums being offline will affect your logins here in the news comments, so for now please just post as an un-regged user with the Captcha. I’ll post an update when we are done.

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  1. I never knew y’all did this! I always just say the forums were down and went on my way!

    *Crosses fingers forum skins are back this go around!*

  2. Thanks, that was annoying lolz.

  3. Thankee!  That felt like a lot longer than I bet it was  😆

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