The second Forum Watch of 2009 might seem a bit pre-emptive, but the last one was just a little delayed due to technical problems, and we’re not back on track! Fortunately, I’m not wasting my time, as there has been a lot of traffic in the forums in the last few days.

    Besides a few submitted threads for the Forum Watch, we have added a few other bubbling threads. As usual we had to limit ourselves, or the front page would look like a general forum index… For next week, don’t forget to send a mail to if you find a particularly interesting thread in need of highlighting!

    Blizzard Callout! Item Affixes & Modifier Brainstorm

    • Our Brainstorm thread started by DiabloWiki contributor zero is still going strong with hundreds of suggestions. Give some feedback on them, or perhaps add some suggestions of your own!

    Will There Be A Brazilian Server?

    • Visom is tired of Brazilians. What’s your take on the issue?

    What are You Most Excited About so Far?

    • Local comedian Bill Cosby thinks the tales from BlizzCon attendees is the most enticing so far.

    Stat Allocation

    • The automatic DiabloWikistat assignment is starting to become a big deal, like the DiabloWikiart controversy, and Zarniwoop started a discussion that have a lot of contributions already.

    Anyone Feel Iffy About the Diablo 3 Style?

    • Speaking of the DiabloWikiart controversy, JayofTeror’s thread we reported on a few weeks ago have absolutely exploded. Perhaps the issue isn’t over yet?

    Help Blizzard Brainstorm New Witch Doctor Spells

    • Naja’s classic thread has increased in life in the last week.

    If Diablo 3 is Less Broken, Will Hardcore Be a Challenge?

    • A valid point. With all broken Diablo 2 mechanics fixed, will there be any challenge at all to make a Hardcore character? Kiroptus doesn’t think so.

    Melee Wizard

    A good week so far, keep having a good time in the forums!

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