I posted my lengthy first impressions yesterday, and since then lots of other fans have gotten some play time on the new patch and shared their observations via our forums. Here’s a selection of some interesting fan reactions to the new game features and functions.

    I should probably have just quoted Abomb’s detailed write-up in a news post here, as it’s more organized and coherent than the one I posted. He covers almost everything new, including numerous screenshots and good points on the pros and cons. Highest recommendation.

    HolyKnight3000 took a break from wallpapering to write up his Diablo 3 Beta Rants and Impressions, covering the entire beta, as well as the new v13 stuff.

    Bowser started off a lengthy thread about the new Starcraft 2-style Chat Channels, in which dozens of our forum visitors have taken a moment out of their day to express their perplexed dismay at just how terrible the D3 chat channels are.

    CrackSeed posted quick observations on the buffed Demon Hunter and the improved skill system, and touched off a lengthy thread with many follow up questions and answers by the OP and other testers. A good read.

    Lawlord put his observations into video form, narrating a playthrough that he’s posted in two parts. It’s not an edited and organized presentation, but he shows a lot of interesting stuff, if you’ve got time to watch. I put them both side by side below, since everyone just selects highest quality and watches fullscreen anyway.

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