Forum Watch #79: Release Date Rumors, Datamining, Retcons, and more.

Lots of interesting threads lately, and here’s a quick roundup from our various Diablo III forums.

Azzure typed out an enhanced version of his grand Runestone non-item theory, first discussed on The Diablo Podcast a couple of weeks ago. We still don’t know what Blizzard is doing with the Runestones and Skills system overhauls, but we should find out soon enough. And then we can all say how smart a hot issue from 2009was, or else point and laugh and make Australian jokes at his expense.

One of the most interesting posts in recent months is this one by ScorchHellfire, in which he describes his real life meeting with the DiabloWikison nephew of DiabloWikiAlex Mayberry one of Diablo III’s developers. Release date hints were given, and others chime in later in the thread with their own SoRs, and though they now seem to have been inaccurate, the whole encounter is an interesting read.

Brokenstorm started a thread discussing some of the retcons and (intentional?) exclusions made in the DiabloWikiBook of Cain. Loretastic!

RisingRed contributed his usual post-patch datamining thread, with mentions of some of the new things in the patch files and what they tell us about the overall game progress. Interesting tidbits in patch 12 about changes to attributes and affixes, as well as a cool, spoiler-tagged new area that will be familiar to Diablo I players.

MattYPie created a flashback to a hot issue from 2009, when the male Wizard was first clearly seen, and first dubbed “wimpy looking.” He’s clearly trolling, based on this other example of his work, but this quote was still funny:

All I know is I just don’t like how he sticks his pelvis out, rocking side-to-side, moving his arms so much. And he runs like a girl. He just doesn’t seem tough or masculine. He doesn’t seem like a guy who would run into a Cathedral filled with demons. He seems like a guy who would be back in town selling roses.

Speaking of zombie debates, Superaffe posted a vote about the female DiabloWikiDemon Hunter (and the DiabloWikiWizard also) and her high heeled boots? Like or not?

Kar starts a good conversation by asking if all DiabloWikiMonk builds will find it mandatory to include a DiabloWikiMantra or two. I’d think so, after all, all of the DiabloWikiPaladin builds in D2 used DiabloWikiAuras. On the other hand, the D3 Monk is not the D2 Paladin, so perhaps playing without any Mantras should be a viable option?

This thread by Stillman has been going for a couple of months, but the comments keep coming in. Should the Barbarian have some bow skills?

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  1. My reply in Matty’s thread was the highlight, come on now 😀

  2. Keith is Alex Mayberry’s nephew, not his son. And in light of Blizzard’s recent “Q2” release window confirmation, I’d say what he claimed his uncle told him is still relevant as “2-3 months” from now is April-May.

  3. Pfft. If I was interested in what some kids on the forums got to say about the release date, I’d go to… the forums.

    Oh yeah and I live next door to Frank Pearce. His nephew’s uncle told me the release date is 2nd of June, 22:38, but no less than 3 seconds from the next minute. Make some news spin around that. 🙄

    • I only read front page comments to listen to what you have to say. Because you’re so very clever and fascinating. You may very well be the most interesting thing in the entire world.

    • You probably only read my first post I’m guessing… I provide proof in my later posts. Or you are just a cynical punk.

      • I am a cynical punk. But I thought your depiction of what Newberry Jr. said was reasonable. My “proven wrong” remark was for others in the thread, with their “boxes of D3 are sitting on EU warehouses now” wishful thinking.

        • Oh that makes sense then… Yeah, I’m willing to give many people the benefit of the doubt on “inside info”, but people definitely need to take everything with a grain of salt these days… By the way I saw Keith again today and he said he feels like (after playing the beta for a while) Diablo 3 is more like Diablo 1 than 2 which I thought was odd…

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