Feeling penitent for not following all the very busy forum action of late? A slow news weekend is a perfect time to catch up, and here are some links to aid you in pacing your path of penance:

    As D3 moves towards the beta we’re seeing the first swells of the coming tsunamis of new/returning Diablo players. This has resulted in steadily increasing site traffic and forum activity, but it’s also proved that everything old is new again, as threads keep popping up on D3 issues that were hotly-debated in like, 2008. Currently you can leap into debates about D3 changing too much from D2, the seven skill limit, auto-assigned attributes, D3’s isometric camera angle, and not just one but two threads about the 4-player MP limit.

    BelialsWrath has been a post-creating machine of late, and he spawned a debate-filled thread by asking for readers to name the things that could most disappoint them about Diablo 3. At 57 posts and counting, there are clearly a lot of opinions about what might go wrong…

    Bashiok’s recent revelation that the highest tier DiabloWikiBarbarian skills have a two-minute cooldown has spawned a ton of debate, with pros and cons on both sides. We need to know the cooldowns for all the skills to put these into context, but on a basic philosophical level — are lengthy cooldowns acceptable for a few very powerful skills? Or do minute+ cooldowns, for anything, violate the fast-action, fast-clicking gameplay model of Diablo III?

    Bashiok revealed that trait points only came every third level a couple of months ago, but I’d forgotten that little detail until I stumbled across it while doing some Diablo Wiki updating earlier this week. Reminded, I wasn’t sure what to think. Just 19 (20) traits, for a Clvl 60 char? (Possibly +some others for quest rewards.) That will certainly boost build variety, if no character can max out more than 6 or 8 of the 20+ traits she has to choose from.

    In other “why didn’t notice that before?” news, while updating the DiabloWikiArchivist skill pages I watched the movies for DiabloWikiShush, DiabloWikiQuest Bolt, and DiabloWikiLorenado for the first time since April 1st, 2009, and noticed that, 1) the Archivist dies in all of them, 2) he has a death sound and slumping to the ground animation, and 3) since the Archivist is just Deckard Cain’s in-game model slightly-reskinned…. 4) that means Cain has a death animation! Why would he need that? There are plenty of theories offered in the thread.

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