As we move into what will most likely be yet another week of too much calm before the eventual storm, here are some of the latest Diablo 3 forum threads to tide you over.

    We’ll start off in the Diablo II community forum where Taber wants vote for the most annoying D2 NPC. It’s a tight race now, probably since we can’t vote for (against?) [d2W]Tyrael[/d2W] or [d2W]Cain[/d2W]. Failing that, where’s Hratli? He’s always annoyed me since after greeting your char to Act 3, he then vanishes to his remote dock and yet is the only source for keys or repairs. Things were even worse in D2C, when he was the only Act 3 NPC who could buy weapons/armor.

    Fnaxqtr wants you to consider a tough choice; relaxing on a tropical island paradise, or D3? Well, maybe that’s not such a tough choice after all, at least not for this crowd…

    BelialsWrath has an interesting question; who will be the act bosses of Diablo 3? I guess this thread could be considered a spoiler, except that you won’t know which of the guesses is correct…

    Continuing his run of good topics. BelialsWrath wants to know how you’ll spend your first 24 hours with D3. We’ve had similar threads in teh past, and as you might expect, this one soon begins to elicit almost pornographically-detailed anticipatory fantasies.

    Finally, Risingred threw up a good thread about buying games at retail, vs. direct downloads. Are gaming stores ruining the game-buying process?

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