Very busy times in the Diablo III forums lately, so here’s a collection of some of the more interesting posts of recent days.

    Reasnon started a thread about D3’s plot and story, with a literal interpretation of D3’s tag line, “…and the Heavens shall tremble.” Are those words we should take literally? Is that the second part of a sentence, giving us a potential preview of the game story?

    Glass created a funny thread pointing out that Diablo III has officially taken too long… since Duke Nukem Fornever beat it to market. Numerous replies to this one, with a lot of “yeah, but DKF sucked.” arguments that are hard to refute.

    Leugi wants to know why players stay in the DiabloWikiend game, rather than rolling a new char and starting over again. How ‘bout it? Is it all about item finding and maybe high level PvP for you, come Clvl 60?

    Kire is looking for more action from the DiabloWikiFan class creators.  Now that all 5 chars in vanilla D3 are known, the grounds for creative fans to come up with their own variants and fresh ideas is clear and ready for action.

    An old issue returns with MoneyMike’s thread about group dungeons. Should every single challenge in D3 be balanced to allow single players to complete it, or can some stuff be slightly raid-style, and designed to be so hard that you’ll need 4 skilled players working together to defeat it? A related thread by Hellfurion considers the optimal dynamics of a mixed party group, teaming up to beat the most difficult game content.

    Chaboi (and many others) are curious about how character naming will work in D3. Will names again be unique, with all the “good names” taken fairly early on, or will they be linked to accounts and thus allow 500 people to name their Barbarian named “Conan?” More generally, do you guys really care about your character names? Do you plan them out in advance? Do you give all of your chars related names? Or do you just toss your cat onto the keyboard when it’s time for character creation?

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