As the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Beta draws nearer, interest in the game is clearly increasing. You can easily measure it in our Diablo III forums, as old users return, lurker are decloak, and there are first posts galore. We’ll see a vast increase in all site activity come the beta, and things will really explode upon release, but even now, the forums are obviously busier. A few of the newest/hottest discussion topics.

    I’m sure we’ve never before linked to a locked thread in a forum watch post, but this one had me laughing so hard that I must share. A new user named Deckard showed up with the novel argument that removing the PK switch from D3 has ruined the game. After everyone checked their calendars to be sure they hadn’t somehow been teleported back to 2008, much sarcasm and troll-baiting ensued.

    Is Starcraft II stealing Diablo III’s thunder? That’s the question ThomasJ asks in this thread, and while I don’t really agree with the assertion since it’s not a zero-sum answer, (both or neither game could be well-promoted; it’s not just one or the other) the issue of Diablo III’s perpetual under-promotion/support by Blizzard is always a good topic to kick around the maypole.

    Mutajon wants to know which is your favorite D3 system? Runestones, Arena, Crafting, Followers, or are you hoping that one of the upcoming feature reveals will be even better?

    Kasceis wants to know what you think your odds to get into the beta? Most replies are pretty realistic, and maybe even overly-pessimistic, given how many slots I expect the various Blizzard fansites to have to give out. Hope remains!

    Toetag has an interesting idea for a sort of NPC automation to the (hypothetical) D3 Auction House, and it’s kicked off a lot of trading system debate.

    YOUR wants to know what’s the purpose behind co-op? It’s a fairly fundamental issue with Diablo III, and something I wrote a column about way back in 2008, but the devs have never really addressed it.They just seem to assume the players will prefer to party up, but never tell us any concrete benefits for doing so. Shared skills? Better item drops and experience?

    Finally, they’re not new, but we posted threads for specific discussion of the various class runestone videos a couple of weeks ago, and they’ve all sprouted some good conversations. Click to watch the videos and discuss the Barb’s Whirlwind, the DH’s Cluster Arrow, the Monk’s Sweeping Wind, the Wizard’s Ray of Frost, and the WD’s Acid Cloud skill.

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