The approaching beta test increased the activity in our Diablo III Forums, and since the Followers were announced last week, things have really been buzzing. With the finish line in sight, we’re seeing lots of regulars returning, lurkers de-cloaking, and new users registering, and it’s making for varied and interesting conversation.

    There are a lot of threads about various aspects of the Followers. (Not even counting the numerous main page posts, many of which went well over 50 comments.) The biggest, first reaction to the video thread is still going strong even with 230 posts and over 8300 views.

    Elsewhere: Are Followers only useful in Normal?  Which D3 Follower would you play? How would your ideal Follower system work in D3? Vote on changing the Templar’s WoW-style in-game art? (Plus bonus Britney McBellyButton bashing.) Do SP-only Followers = weaker MP story?

    A brand new user, Arumot, made what several readers have nominated as the “best first post ever.” In he shares his artistic impression of President Obama’s excitement about the Diablo 3 beta. Double rainbows and a unicorn?

    Another first post, by bubbleoseven, asks about Diablo III’s likely DiabloWikisystem requirements. Blizzard hasn’t revealed them yet, though we know what the demo systems were at the G-star convention late last year, which can be safely assumed to be well above the final game requirements. That aside, follow Dnttryme’s advice from the thread; wait six months until we know more, plus everything you could buy today will cost a lot less by then.

    Another new user, Zalest, used his first post to ask which Follower you want for your Monk. It’s kind of an irrelevant question since Followers are only useful in Normal, where the game’s designed to be too easy to require much strategy, but it’s still a fun issue to contemplate. I say Templar, to set up mega massacre/DiabloWikikill spree bonuses. Why? See the thread.

    Another new user, Galaxy, asks a question as old as the stars. Which class will you play first?

    Finally, now that we’ve got a sorta-start date for the DiabloWikiDiablo III Beta test, speculation has intensified in our long-running Predict the Release Date thread. Oh sure, now you people get brave with your predictions!  IMHO, anyone who wins the contest with a prediction made later than January 2010 should only win a much less valuable imaginary prize than people who have had their predictions in for years. (That said, there are still plenty of prime dates in Dec 2011 and Jan-Feb 2012, if you want to play the odds.)

    * Why fajitas? Because I’m hungry and it’s lunch time.

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