Lots of action in the Diablo III forums of late, which means it’s time for a forum watch!

    If you only had one play session on the Blizzcon 2010 demo, which would you choose? PvP? PvM? Which character? And why? You can vote and comment in this thread.

    EvilFury wants to know which monster you’re itching to shake a stick at. I voted for the biggest, juiciest ones, but everyone’s got their own opinion. The DiabloWikiFallen Lunatic is a surprisingly popular choice.

    What are the Monk’s design influences? The characters look Western, but their kit and combat style seem Eastern. Cool mash-up or unholy amalgamation?

    What might the Demon Hunter have for pets? Ranged attackers often get some sort of tank, to compliment their movement and DiabloWikiCC skills, and the D3 Wizard has DiabloWikiMirror Image. Since we only know half of the DiabloWikiDemon Hunter skills, the field is wide open for speculation.

    DonkeyHunter has ideas on integrating HC and SC. LOL wut? No, really, and there are some reasonable points made in the thread.

    How can a skill like Taunt, or any other mind control ability, be transferred into the Arena combat? There are plenty of ideas in this thread from our Barbarian forum.

    In other Hardcore discussion, Rajy wants your suggestions on how to improve HC in in D3. I like the idea of a graveyard of your dead HCs, giving you something more to remember them by than screenshots.

    Finally, lest you thought the DiabloWikiArt Controversy was dead… think again. The latest incarnation in the “D3 has cartoony graphics” is 12 pages long, and growing.

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