Highlights from our Diablo III community forum, since I know you were itching to start your Monday off with some Diablo debate.

    We’re going to debut our Diablo 3 community podcast in the immediate future, and we’re looking for fans who want to get involved. The Diablo Podcast is going to be mostly interview/conversation in format, and in addition to talking with various well-known RPG developers, we want to profile community members and talk about controversial issues with people who have strong opinions on them. Check out the TDP post for more details about what we’re looking for, the the theory behind the program.

    Speaking of TDP, the first episode will feature an interview with Max Schaefer of Runic Games. I’ll be conducting that interview this week, and there’s still time for you to suggest questions. Comments so far are largely focused on Torchlight 2, and I’m definitely taking those requests into consideration.*You might also enjoy the interview/podcast I did with Max for TL1’s launch a little over a year ago. Happily, this week’s interview will not take place in a noisy coffee shop in downtown SF, so the sound quality will be far better.)

    We’re also looking for feedback about more live Diablo 3 chats. Most of you guys have really enjoyed sharing the excitement in the chat room during events like Blizzcon and Gamescom, as well as the Q&A style chats after Blizzcon and other new info extravaganzas. Do you want us to run more such events; perhaps weekly? So far respondents are giving that a very big “Yes!”

    Another thread wonders if we might see a secret Starcraft level in Diablo III. Why not? There are epic sparkle-corn mounts that poop rainbows in SC2, so they’d fit right into our current conception of the Diablo III secret level. Oh wait, am I mixing up Blizzard’s other game worlds, again?

    Can D3 be more popular than D2? This post is a poll as well as a discussion, and in the vote there’s no contest; “yes” was beating “no” 44 to 10, when last I checked. The discussion argues about what “popular” means, and just how popular D3 will be, since making random predictions of sales figures are always fun.

    Most of the people reading this have grown accustomed to all of the big changes D3 is making to D2’s gameplay. Take the health system; D3 has limited potions with long cooldowns, little or no leech, healing from health orbs, no TPs, etc. Those things don’t seem that odd to us since we’ve learned about them one at a time. Imagine you were just now reading up on D3 though, and all you knew was D2. It would be something of a shock, eh?

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