As always, there are a lot of interesting new threads percolating in the Diablo 3 community forum. A few highlights:

    First up, Varquynne draws our attention to some weapon physics in the WWI gameplay movie, where the Barbarian’s energetic hammer swings can not only kill monsters, but ruffle curtains. Bonus points for making a movie to highlight the effect.

    Do you like trapped chests? Would you like to see more of them, and more inventive types of traps on them, in D3? How about DiabloWikiSlow Time bubbles, or spawns of DiabloWikiHydras, rather than just pointlessly-low damage Firebolts and Novas and such? Yes, of course you would. You can vote on it in the thread, or just use words to express your agreement.

    What will you do the first week after Diablo III is released? I mean duh, you’ll play every possible moment. But what specifically? If only there were a forum thread in which you could… oh wait.

    In response to elganame’s request, numerous players (including me) who enjoyed DiabloWikiHardcore mode in Diablo 2 shared their experiences. If you’ve never tried HC and wondered what’s ticking in the heads of people who play that way, this is a good place to gain some insight.

    Was highlen banned from the B.net forums solely out of spite? Did he deserve it? Do you care? The B.net D3 forum has been pretty much unmoderated thus far, though that’s likely to change as we move towards the beta test and more CM and mods are added to D3. Enjoy your free speech and freedom of dissent while it lasts, B.net users?

    Is Battle of the Immortals 2 a rip off of Diablo III? Survey says… yeah, pretty much. You might want to read or talk about it anyway.

    FriskyDingo wonders if there should be minimum Clvl requirements for higher difficulties in Diablo III, as there were in Diablo I. Is that a viable way to stop exploitative rushing? Or do you even think rushing should be limited at all?

    This is only a short sample of the word-based fun you can have in our D3 forum. The best place to discuss D3 stuffs online! So click (your ass) over and take a look. Quit lurking. You know you want to join the cool kids

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