Lots of beefy Diablo 3 forum posts lately, with juicy subjects ensuring well-marbled debates. A few links:

    The recent blue post about Magic Find exploits spurred what Cacaphony is calling, “The (second to) last MF thread.” When it comes to DiabloWikiMagic Find, opinions, as they say, differ. We’ll have to run a vote about it sometime, to get a more balanced community consensus.

    Could DiabloWikifriendly fire work in Diablo 3? I say no; it would be totally impractical with every character possessing a variety of ranged attacks and any sort of FF would make close proximity DiabloWikico-op play impossible. Some players, not all of them wistful PKs, beg to differ, and our forum hosts quite an active debate about the topic.

    Fans are eager for more details about calculations and statistics, as demonstrated by related threads asking about elemental damage on weapons and critical damage will be calculated in Diablo III. Sadly, we can but conjecture at this point, with such detailed info unlikely to be revealed before fans can rip it from the game data files come beta time.

    Threads with suggestions/requests for game features abound as well; would you like to see a hearthstone, or a master-key/chest, or the return of ancient story tomes?

    You can even spend your time just voting, if you’re not in the mood for sparring with words. Here’s a bullet list of some of the recent polls:

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