The Diablo 3 Community Forum has seen a number of very info-rich posts of late, many even boasting charts and graphs.

    If you’ve wondered how and where Blizzard is plugging Diablo III, wonder no longer. Varquynne graphed out the frequency of every @Diablo tweet, Diablo Facebook update, and official site update over the past 2.5 years. The totals? 785 tweets, 120 FB posts, and 19 Diablo3.com updates. Really, just 19 website updates since it launched. That’s 1 every 51 days, if you were wondering.

    In related news, another thread by Varguynne delves into the value of Facebook “likes” and points to research showing why companies like Blizzard put so much effort behind them and importance on them. Speaking of the devils (Diablo and Facebook), the Diablo FB page is up to 596k, and should hit 600k and pay out another couple of images Monday evening.

    Millennium points out that while Tyrael has made a number of appearances in the series, he’s generally just stood around, complaining.  Do you want to see him take on a more active role in D3?

    Vizian’s thread about the First Day of Release has taken on an almost pornographic nature, as fan after fan fantasizes about that magical, golden moment when all the long waiting pays off.

    There always seems to be at least one thread about how D3’s art style sucks, but few of them provide as detailed an argument or as many screenshot illustrations as does this thread. A quote from his main argument, about the dangers of D3 losing it’s gothic, dark vibe and looking too much like some other well-known RPGs.

    In WoW, do you remember ever feeling like you’re going into a dangerous area? Like the monsters actually look menacing? Do you remember caring at all about the environments except for that they look good and fit the style? Did going inside a prison cell in some dungeon make you feel like you were going into a prison cell?

    A less controversial thread points out (with pics) the numerous life size statues Blizzard has created and exhibited from their Warcraft and Starcraft worlds, and advocates them creating something from Diablo III. I vote for a monster, but I agree with others, that they’ll probably just do a male Barbarian statue.

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