There hasn’t been a need for a forum watch since Blizzcon, as busy as things have been (in the forums and the news). There still isn’t, but there are some threads with such cool stuff I just wanted to point them out for visitors who don’t follow all of our Diablo III forums that closely.

    The “what’s up with Disintegrate turning purple sometimes?” thread continues, with more frame-by-frame analysis of the Arena gameplay movie providing contradictory data. Here’s what we know:  any sustained cooking of the same target with DiabloWikiDisintegrate yields double damage (shown by the pop up damage display in the DiabloWikiArena). But sometimes the beam turns purple, and other times it stays red. And the damage the target takes often differs quite a bit from the pop up damage numbers. Mysterious! To the right you see another one of the screenshot sequences we’re using for this investigation; click it for larger and to offer your own theories.

    Will there be Expansion characters?” gets the answer (Yes!) right out of the way and quickly moves into the more interesting part; trying to guess what they might be. Not just what, but why and how. For instance, if the Necromancer returned, how could he be made new and interesting, as well as sufficiently-different from the Witch Doctor?

    Autti’s wishes that we re-activate our D3 PvP forum were deemed premature, but his “Consolidated PvP Discussion” thread is churning along nicely and is up to 8 pages of discussion about all things PvP in D3.

    Some Monk fans have taken it upon themselves to imagine what his skills might be like with Runestones. It’s a tricky issue; what would DiabloWikirunes to do improve DiabloWikicombo skills? Or something like DiabloWikiSeven Sided Strike?

    The Somewhat Official Release Date Pool continues to churn along, with post-Blizzcon theories abounding. Better yet; there’s science! A graph, courtesy of Astroquicky, showing the guesses made thus far. You can see it below; click to the thread for an explanation, and to place your own prediction, should you somehow have failed to do so thus far.

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