Lots of activity lately in our Diablo 3 Forums, with more than a few lively pre-Blizzcon conversations going on. Different fans want to know what you want to see at Blizzcon, your Blizzcon gameplay top/bottom 5, wonder if the playable demo might show act 4, and are generally disappointed by the paucity of Diablo 3 panels.

    A pair of new threads concern Diablo 1 stuffs in Diablo 3. Fans want the sexy D1 Succubus to return, and are curious about D1 uniques returning as well.

    The funniest thread in recent memory is TheEliminator’s “Wow has…” group project. The goal is simple; since all loyal Diablo fans know that everything about WoW is awful and wrong, therefore anything WoW has… Diablo III should not have. The thread’s position in the forum is even funny, coming as it often does just above the never-ending “Terrible graphics” conversation. A few examples that got an eloel from me:

    • WoW has towns so Diablo should just have Areas of Less Murder.—sicilian
    • WoW has a tool bar that goes across the bottom of the screen from witch skills can be activated, Diablo shouldn’t have a tool bar at all, skills should be activated through yelling at your PC—TheEliminator
    • WoW has a fan base full of people that complain all day, diablo shouldn’t.—Larik
    • WoW has dragons that you can ride. Diablo 3 should have dragons that RIDE YOU.—Adree

    There’s plenty of game design debate, as always. Ertide does not like class item restrictions, Lone Wolf wonders how passive skills will be handled, and which weapon you’ll use on your first class.

    I also enjoyed Bandreus’ farewell to old school gamers, which pines for the old days when games were actually difficult to succeed at.

    Finally, the biggest of the Diablo 3 graphic debate threads continues to grind along. It’s up to 58 pages and over 21,000 views. I’d give an update on the debate, but I haven’t looked at it for about 20 pages, so you got me. They might be trading recipes in there by now, for all I know.

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