Our Diablo III Community Forum is ever-busy, and where most of the D3 conversation takes place. That’s a good thing, but it can lead to a sort of topical entropy at times, where every thread seems to be about the same argument. Since there are now one, two, three, four (plus the 70 comment main page recasting) long threads about whether or not D3’s graphics suck, I’m going to highlight some threads from the other D3 sub-forums, most of which tremble in anticipation of a phoenix-like rebirth come new BlizzCon information.

    An interesting thread in the D3 Story & Lore forum ponders how the D2 heroes might return in D3. The D1 heroes returned in Diablo 2, as Blood Raven, The Summoner, and um… Diablo. Will the D2 heroes, excepting the DiabloWikiBarbarian, fare any better this time around?

    Also in the Story and Lore forum is a thread that asks if The SC2 Story Has You Worried? Some fans think the SC2 story is lame and overly-stretched out, and others like it quite a bit. In either case, it’s unclear if that reflects on D3’s story, which is being created largely by different people…

    In the D3 Suggestions and Wish List forum, Doppel proposes a new type of crafting that would improve parts of an item, potentially making useful those rares you find with like, 4 good mods and 2 useless ones. Could there be a way to reroll just one or two mods on an item, without removing the randomness of the Diablo item slot machine that makes the game so long term compelling?

    Okay, not every thread in the D3 Community Forum is an argument about the game’s graphics. There’s a good debate going about Health Orbs, another one about the ideal amount of characters per account, and the ever-intriguing Will you go tranny in D3? character gender survey that’s not just about the male Wizard.

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