There’s been some excellent discussion in the D3 community forum of late, and since we know lots of you guys don’t delve into the forums and just follow the news and discussions on the main page, here are some links and quick summaries to ongoing threads. Anyone can read them, but you’ll need to register and create a forum account to join in the discussions.

    JSLAW posted the most exhaustively-logical DiabloWikififth character prediction post we’ve ever seen. He predicts not only the 5th char, but makes some good guesses about the expansion characters as well. You may agree, or enjoy finding holes in his logic.

    Clearly in a mood for bold predictions, JSLAW continued on to the massively-long Somewhat Official Diablo 3 Release Date Pool and made a strong argument that D3 will be released in the first half of next year, at the latest. (I don’t agree with his conclusion or most of the points he uses to illustrate it, but that’s the beauty of a forum. Debate and disagreement!)

    Our once-and-future columnist Stillman posits that Diablo 3 could destroy human productivity as we know it, if Blizzard takes the proper steps to keep the game interesting and difficult, long term.

    Noobstorm asks a familiar question, wondering why only the Barbarian returns from Diablo 2? He got a variety of answers, most citing what the D3 Team has said about this, but soon enough the usual “Monk is just like the Druid anyway” type posts came out. I strongly disagreed with those sorts of comparisons, based on my playtime during the last 2 BlizzCons. None of the D3 chars play just like their D2 counterparts (with the arguable exception of the Sorc/Wiz).  Furthermore, is this even relevant? How predictive of the DiabloWikiend game is playing a char at level 12 anyway? How many D2 chars/builds at level 12 or 15 have anything in common with how that char is played long term? Especially when you consider how many major D3 game mechanics haven’t been revealed yet and were not present in either BlizzCon build.

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