The topic of this week is of course the forced real name displaying on the official forums that was announced just a few days ago. There’s plenty of news items you can make comments on the matter for that below (and in the “More Headlines”), even without a Diablo: IncGamers account.

    For the Forum Watch, I have picked a bit more varied threads, but perhaps we’ll find for next week that this is the overwhelming topic of choice. Who knows, we’ll see, so let’s get on with it!

    RealID and D3
    Well, let’s get this out of the way first. Not that it’s any less important, but we have a pretty good coverage in the news, just have a look! Luckymofo brings this to the forums, however. What do you think about his arguments?

    Anyone else switch here from official forums?
    We’re not at all surprised on this thread by TheAssClown (welcome to Diablo: IncGamers, btw!). People abandoning the official forums coming to what probably is the best kept fan forum for Diablo’s all games. All I can say is : Welcome in to our warm and cosy (or if it’s overly hot where you are; in to the nice AC’d and cool) forums! Introduce yourselves to the rest of the D3 community, and look out for Gorny, he bites if you have coloured socks.

    Magic Find Olympics
    And with that out of the way we have jjscud’s Magic Find Olympics! It starts in about a week from now (16th), and will span 10 days until 25th of July. How much loot can you find?

    Diablo II? Does it matter that the DiabloWikiLevel boundaries now are set?

    The Most Evil/Powerful Prime Evil
    This big lore thread from last month is not going anywhere. With a new and improved poll, who do YOU think is the most Evil/Powerful DiabloWikiPrime Evil?

    San Francisco Mayor Folly
    This is a funny and scary piece on San Fran legislations, both regulating what sort of drinks can be sold to citizens as well as what pets they can buy. What’s next, forcing them to display their names while outside?

    As a nice Friday Bonus, here’s a cool sound mix from Diablo II. Go on and make a comment to the YouTube profile if you like it, the poor guy has only had some 700 ppl see it in over 7 months

    That’s all for now folx! Remember to to send cool/fun/interesting/sad forum links to !

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