With E3 long gone, and my other favourite game, StarCraft II having its beta on hiatus for a few more weeks, I have spent quite some time just lurking the Diablo forums and doing random wiki updates. If you’re not part of our merry band of updaters yet, feel free to join in!

    As for the forums, there are a few highlights I’d like to share with you:

    Are you excited about Diablo 3?
    New member GhostRidah is not only new to Diablo: IncGamers, but to Diablo III in general. I thought this thread was interesting to show there are still probably loads of Diablo II fans who does not know about Diablo III. If you do find someone who seems relatively clueless, give them the link to the Diablo 3 Basics page in DiabloWiki, that should help.

    What kind of community will we have?
    On the topic of looking forward to Diablo III, ThomasJ is theorycrafting comparison of community spirit between D2 and D3. How will it turn out?

    What Transition You Think Should be Between Acts?
    Pyrohemia made a much longer title, but I need it to fit on a news item. Point is, D2 has a very special story telling feel in its cinematics. How do you think D3 will work?

    Do you use it, how do you use it? Aldeth the Foppish Idiot (and yes, that is his nickname, I am not intentionally insulting anybody) is curious about the /playersX command in D2 single player mode.

    Etdlahq Memorial Bar
    We have linked it before but… 2932 pages! Quite impressive, and not really any point in trying to read it from the start if you did not join back in 2004… It’s a lovely discussion though, and most people would probably not even notice you as a newbie (to the thread) if you joined in today. When we’re close to 3000, make sure to poke me, it would definitely be noteworthy!

    Fabulous Fraking Fridaily, For Sure!
    And so we’re finishing on a more weekendy note. Site supporter jamesixgun is giving a status report on daily life with others joining in. It could possibly be off-topic, but who cares, it’s Friday!

    Also, don’t forget tomorrow is the last day to add a picture showing love for the Diablo franchise, and it’s big anniversary in 4 days! Here is the gallery and even Elly who is super-busy has added a pic. Go on, you DO love Diablo! Upload!

    That’s all for now folx! Remember to to send cool/fun/interesting/sad forum links to !

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