Pheu! A week of DiabloWikiE3 has thoroughly exhausted my interest in general gaming news, and I’m very happy to dive right back in to the world of Diablo!

    Have you been following the massive E3 coverage at IncGamers.com? If not, take a look at the main news in the E3 Coverage centre there, which covers highlights, videos, press conferences, screens etc. Or simply skim through the video gaming news headlines…

    It seems that Diablo: IncGamers have not stayed idle in the E3 week though, and some interesting discussions have been going on in the forums!

    Blizzcon Photography!
    Dredd tipped me of this fella named Onigun who has uploaded a ton of pictures that he took from 3 separate trips to Blizzcon.

    The Most Evil/Powerful Prime Evil
    Following the multiple lore discussions from last week, this one turned into a heated debate with no clear outcome. Yes it’s a bit geeky, but it has calmed down now. Basically, which DiabloWikiPrime Evil do you THINK its the most powerful, from your impressions and/or background information?

    UNIQUE in Diablo 3″>Would you prefer RARE > UNIQUE in Diablo 3
    GhostRidah like the DiabloWikiDiablo II classic style of powerful DiabloWikiRares with flavour DiabloWikiUniques, and less obsession with the latter. What do you think? Personally I miss a third option…

    Hacks, the truth
    Like it or not, they do exist, and Gamekk is discussing their status in D2 as well as concerns for D3. The main difference is perhaps Blizzard has more or less promised to be extremely viligant with hacks in D3.

    How important is DX10(11) to you?
    Don’t let the overly geeky title by In the name of Zod scare you off. It’s about D3 hardware, and is quite interesting. Good to look ahead for hardware updates.

    Quick meals for busy students
    With summer now is upon us, and most students either got a job or moved home to blissful unemployed life with parents, tips on a quick cheap meal from DoomBoy is never a bad idea.

    By the way, how is your country of choice doing in the World Cup?

    That’s all for now folx! Remember to to send cool/fun/interesting/sad forum links to !

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