Forum Watch #53

Welcome to Friday and the Fifty-third Forum Watch! (Say that really fast three times)

This week has seen a lot of lore, both in Diablo Wiki as well as the forums. Whether DiabloWikiBelial/DiabloWikiAzmodan really have new roles as discussed last week and what Prime Evil is most evil…

We do hope you like these lore specials we have been making, and if you do discuss the issue more, we might be able to come to terms with more lore-details as well! This week saw the start of the FIFA World Cup as well, so it’s not all Diablo…

The Most Evil/Powerful Prime Evil
Should we try and solve this once and for all? Who is really the most a) Evil and b) Powerful DiabloWikiPrime Evil? Just because he is the main name on the box, does it mean Diablo rules them all, or was it just because he was the first guy we killed in DiabloWikiDiablo I?

Should Diablo 3 be Soloable?
Member direfire’s topic from a few weeks ago is still burning hot. Do you agree with the possible idea that teamwork of some description will be necessary for some Diablo III end-game content?

1.13 Rune availability
What do you know about DiabloWikirunes in the new 1.13 patch? Shagsbeard has started a data gathering thread about it. Take part or just enjoy the work of others.

Hound rider update
The piece of art you see floated to the right here is johntorrio’s DiabloWikiFallen Hound. Is he good or what? So tell him then!

As I said, the FIFA World Cup has spread a football fever on to the world. Even countries not in. Living in England is an interesting experience at the moment, I tell you that much!

That’s all for now folx! Remember to to send cool/fun/interesting/sad forum links to !

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1 thought on “Forum Watch #53

  1. “Instead, he speaks in first person and comes off as both interesting and weirdly different.” 

    I think you meant that he speaks in the third person.  But otherwise it’s one of your better articles.  I’m also an Ormus fan; Ormus, Fara, and Deckard Cain are my three favorites in D2.

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