For us in the UK, this has been a lovely couple weeks with random bank holidays spread all around. Some of you also know I went to London one day to interview Frank Pearce, and unveiled a lot of stuff about Battle.net you probably didn’t know (and most likely also will affect Diablo III). In general, I feel pretty happy at the moment!

    But really, I’m not here to reminisce, I’m here to bring you the highlights of the Diablo forums!

    We Love Diablo – Anniversary Mosaic Thread
    First off, let’s return to the fact we DO all love Diablo. The anniversary is in just a few weeks now, and more pictures would be great fun to add up. Join the discussion, or just add your own pic in the gallery. You’re more than welcome to add more than one! If you have a fansite and would like to join, check out this page.

    I was minding my own business…
    Ridwee tells us the sad (or funny, depending on how you look at it) story of losing his HC character.

    All My Circuits Mafia Game!
    Forum games a-hoy! Marahumm is running this All My Circuits Mafia Game. If you never tried it, do check it out, it’s good fun, and kills time very efficiently!

    The Roles of Azmodan and Belial in D3
    A good old fashioned lore debate is going on here. permaximum is discussing the DiabloWikiLesser Evils we haven’t seen much of: DiabloWikiAzmodan and DiabloWikiBelial. They were not among the lesser evils who did penance in DiabloWikiDiablo II by guarding the path for DiabloWikiDiablo, and they did not suffer any great defeats then. It’s also confirmed they will appear in Diablo III… Plot thickens already!

    Do flintlock type guns have a place in Diablo?
    Same old question, asked by Artimedes this time. Guns in Diablo III? Yes, we know Bashiok already said no, this is different!

    Major problem for Diablo 3 will be …
    A little criticism (or perhaps just whine?) is good every now and again. Do you agree with GhostRidah on the issues he brings up? They are pretty actualised considering that previously mentioned Frank Pearce interview from a few weeks ago.

    (yet another) 5th class idea: The Agent
    And we’re ending on a 5th class/DiabloWikifan class note. Technomancer, who is known for have created the Arcane Warrior and Phase Knight class examples for the 5th (or expansion) class is back with a new “Agent” suggestion.

    That’s all for now folx! Remember to to send cool/fun/interesting/sad forum links to !

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