What do you think of a Diablo 3 Auction House, the new runes or Diablo in general? Has 1.13 been good item hunting? These are questions you need to ask yourself, because the community wants to know. Well, if you have anything remotely intelligible to say that is…

    In the past weeks there has been a mix of new Patch 1.13 discussions as well as talk about Diablo 3. Take your pick!

    B.net 2.0 Auction house
    A thread by satheron which has had a lot of attention in the last two weeks. How could the DiabloWikiAuction House work, and are there any potential ways it could ruin gameplay? Perhaps they introduce remote AHs, like WoW.

    1.13 Lower Kurast Patterns
    Our pal mattinm is trying out DiabloWikiLower Kurast as a good way to do item runs. Help out or just use the information gathering by others. It started a few weeks ago but already has over 160 posts!

    What SC2 Release date means for D3
    Knight_Wolf is speculating about the new art. Why is Kerrigan the main focal point? There could be interesting Diablo parallels to draw here. Or, perhaps just it’s just something with art in general?

    Etdlahq Memorial Bar – your shelter from forum crashes
    An absolutely classical thread by Shade that we actually haven’t featured in the forum Watches before. The thing is, it was started after the great forum crash of 2004, and never stopped since. It’s possibly the biggest thread of the forums. A good tip is to head to last page, as there’s a whooping 29 thousand posts to read if you start at the beginning!

    Rune System Failure
    In a thread by Hideo from exactly two months ago today, people are still talking about the be or not to be of Diablo 3 runes.

    We Love Diablo – Anniversary Mosaic Thread
    Lastly, you should make sure to post your entries in the Diablo Mosaic community celebration of Diablo’s birthday, the 29th of June. Add your own or comment on others, and spread the word, so that we can make a mosaic worthy of our favourite baddie.

    That’s all for now folx! Remember to to send cool/fun/interesting/sad forum links to !

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