Forum Watch #50

All of us here at Diablo: IncGamers hope you have had an absolutely fabulous Easter weekend (and some of you lucky bastards are perhaps still between semesters right now!). Personally, I have spent quality time with my fianc?e at a fun fair, unbeknownst to myself working hard on getting a cold. I succeeded, unfortunately. 🙁

Life could be better, but there’s always the Diablo Forums to cheer us up! Here are a few thread highlights from the last couple of days:

YouTube and Facebook Video Embed in Forums

  • A little guide by myself on how to embed YouTube clips directly into the forums! Rickrolling just became SO much easier. On an unrelated note, it seems the 5th class has been leaked…

To people worried or upset about Diablo 3

  • Zygfs’s comfort to D3 sceptics turned into a long discussion. The sentiment is true though! When D4 comes out, you’ll know the feeling…

Instability — or — Why Mana Failed in D1/D2…

  • Our own fabulous, famous, floundering Flux brings discussion on DiabloWikiInstability to one thread. Various Blizzard quotes and interesting arguments are collected, a new take on gerhard’s other big thread from January.

To upgrade or not to upgrade. That’s the question.

  • It’s really what a lot of us have been thinking about that Cyrax puts down in a thread: Is it worth upgrading to 1.13?

all about the Roons ?”>1.13 —> all about the Roons ?

1.13 SPF Ladder Tournament #1: Untwinked MF

  • Join the Ladder Tournament today! Organised by mattinm.

That’s all for now folx! Remember to to send cool/fun/interesting/sad forum links to !


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  1. @Albebro
    The age do not matter, they are still selling it. If that unprofitable, they must cease to sell it. How would you feel if you just pickup diablo2/lod and find out all that * going on? I think you would want your money back.

    D2 is bringing the buck, else it would have been discontinued long ago. True, it is not the cash cow that WoW is. But wow suck, everyone still playing diablo will agree with that. D2 players are still a sizable market for blizzard.

    “[…]how many other 10-year-old PC games got a substantial patch this year?”
    Did Diablo2 got a substantial patch this year? It is a disapoitement; i dont call removing IM and allow re-spect to be substential. Those are minors changes that could have been done live on a running ladder.

    You are right, Blizzard is a business, and i am thinking of taking my business elsewhere and not play diablo3 at all. I dont think they can pull this off, safe, cheat and crash free game. Also they will probaly use draconian Digital Restriction Management that will render the PC useless for all but gaming.

    If they fail at long term support for d2 they will fail for d3. I dont want to get fooled again with more “but next patch will fix this. promess. honest.” anymore. They wont get my money unless they can prove they can keep their promess.

    How long you expect to be playing diablo3?

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