This week is starting out in a very exciting way as Patch 1.13 is going live, and the Ladder is begin reset. It’s just fair we highlight some related forum threads from the last few days!

    Ladder Reset: Exact Time known?

    • Fishy123’s asking WHEN. Well, we know when it started now.

    Insanity at dawn of reset.

    • nurman started this thread, very topical indeed!

    What realm will you be playing on at reset?

    • Universally important thread. Where will you play with this new fresh ladder pool, asksRottenJr.

    Ladder reset coming up, group for EuScl wanted

    • Not only checking where you play, but perhaps join a group to play with, like absinthe’s.

    Post your 1st Character for new ladder

    • How will you start your ladder experience? Kichel is going HF Paladin. Many more threads have awoken that are similar, like this one, or this resurrected one.

    Is new hydra viable?

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