Morning everyone. I will be taking on this weeks forum watch again. Check out this weeks Diablo 3 forum highlights.

    Weapon I wish that will be in game.

    • Atech brings up the topic of whips as a weapon he would like to see in Diablo 3 and fans discuss the idea and its coolness factor and more.

    Implications of the Hydra Rune on Zombie Dogs

    • Pcguy talks the possibilities of what the DiabloWikiHydra Rune could do to the Witch Doctor’s mongrels, and on how many could be summoned.

    Debating Diablo 3 Storyline

    • Romak debates about ideas he has and the Diablo 3 storyline. Talking about other people’s ideas and brings up the question: What if we are right?

    Buying a new computer in time for diablo3.

    • psyadam talks about getting a new computer in time for Diablo 3, and discusses it with others.

    Diablo franchise taking turn for worst.

    • Faker brings up a topic about diablo 3’s greater appeal and compares it to mcdonald’s popularity, and discusses this with people.

    Next week we will be continue to bring you more cool/fun/interesting/sad forum posts from the forums. Until then see you next time!

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