Since last week’s Forum Watch that HolyKnight3000 helped me compile we’ve had a horrible downtime of over two days. I got several PMs on both the WoW and StarCraft 2 sites from Diablo members telling me of withdrawal symptoms setting in. This has indeed been a traumatic week for everyone involved!

    Fortunately, there was no “Great Forum Crash of 2010” (people still talk about the “Great Forum Crash of 2003”), but just a little delay. The gallery got a whack of something though, and we’re currently working on adding new captions (should you be interested in helping, just e-mail me at , or send me a PM on the forums).

    Fortunately, this week has started slightly better with a batch of screenshots from Blizzard. Only 3/10 were new, but they have still been discussed in the forums. Well, it’s better than nothing, and perhaps we’ll get some additional interesting blues this week.

    Enough chit-chatter, however, and on with the forums!

    New screnshots! Woo?

    • Yes, Cred goes to Leugi who spotted the new screenshots. Join in and discuss the nitty-gritty details of the shots!

    Another Company Shows Something Is Wrong With Blizzard…

    • Bad Ash’s thread from early January is still going strong, with a big influx of discussion recently. Basically, why can other companies produce good games quick, but it takes Blizzard ages? Perhaps there is a good reason for it?…

    How important is DX10(11) to you?

    • It’s likely the first time so far we are linking a thread from the Tech Forum, but this one is probably interesting to many. In the name of Zod is talking about DirectX10, and the fact that by the time Diablo III is released, most PCs will support it, so why not making ig a DX10+ game? Most people disagree, but there’s only a few replies so far…

    Do you always play your own gender?

    • Although mostly a straight male, erichb is considering going “avatar trans” because of the pretty new DiabloWikiWizard. Will you do the same?

    New Set For D3: Rainbowmancer’s Wares!

    • GoldenBird has been doing some knitting and has posted the results in her 600th post (grats). The design is done with the Rainbowmancer in mind.

    Thanks everyone for reporting on interesting threads. That’s all for now, and remember to continue to send cool/fun/interesting/sad forum links to !

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