Morning everyone. I will be taking on this weeks forum watch. Check out this weeks Diablo 3 forum highlights.

    How important is DX10(11) to you?

    • In the name of Zod ask’s this question as blizzard is planning on D3 not requiring DX10. He has a poll as well; tell him what you think.

    Gems and sockets.

    • NotaBot talks about the gems being brought back and lists the gems and the new suffixes and his speculation to them being tied to the talisman.

    Do you always play your own gender?

    • Erichb asks this question to anyone who plays games they play.

    Bosses with multiple hardpoints, skills buffing, skills graphics.

    Leord will be back next time so remember to continue to send cool/fun/interesting/sad forum links to !

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