We here at Diii.net/Diablo: IncGamers hope everyone has had a lovely New Years eve and are enjoying writing 2010 dates on their almanacs!

    Christmas has been fairly uneventful in terms of news from Blizzard, but even Bashiok seems to have awakened, and posted new information, including that new cool Wizard resource: Instability.

    Regardless if you’re back at work or visiting the site from home, there’s been some interesting discussions in the Diablo 3 forums:


    • Flux was not the only one to notice the new name, Gerhard did as well!

    Diablo 3 Expansion title (for fun)

    • Pal member Zarniwoop started this fun sort of game. It’s still semi-serious, I’m sure we’ll point back to this thread when the expansion is announced in 2020

    Main reason why Diablo 3 will probably fail

    • There has been similar threads in the past, but it’s forever a hot topic, whether you like Fanusvr’s thread or not…

    Two major demons? 5th class from D1/D2?

    • Sectoid’s thread from BlizzCon last year has been resurrected. Quite good anyway, there’s a couple of nuggets there which many probably have missed!

    Who else is rolling barb as first char?

    • With all the new cool resource systems, are you still rolling a Barbarian first? Many are still lookign to MrMuscle no1.

    Thanks everyone for reporting on interesting threads. That’s all for now, and remember to continue to send cool/fun/interesting/sad forum links to !

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