It’s been freezing cold in the last week or so, and perhaps this affects people’s minds, because there seems to be a certain winter pessimism in terms of Diablo 3’s release date. In worst case, perhaps in 2020! Something we perhaps shouldn’t even joke about…

    Other than that, I am still amazed by the Morlu Caster, which appeared completely by surprise – at least for me. Hopefully a precursor of more info to come!

    In the meanwhile, we hope people stay long enough in the forums to get all the cold out of their fingers and start writing.

    “When It’s Done” – DNF puts things into perspective

    • You would almost think it’s Halloween with all the scares, perhaps the winter cold makes us think the worst, like reyoo, who found an interesting, and possibly quite scary article about Duke Nukem Forever…

    Diablo 3 beta?

    • On a more positive note, Gamekk’s Diablo 3 Beta thread has been resurrected for discussing just that – The Diablo 3 Beta.

    Tree skills begone discussion

    • This discussion by Bandreus from a month and a day ago is still interesting, attracting discussion. Is it good or bad with no skill trees, and how else can the skills be sorted?

    More Useful Mercenaries

    • Since LoD they did become useful, but still a hassle, and at a price – getting stuck in places and refusing to disengage from pointless combat etc. Diablo III mercs might be a completely different thing. For one, they are not called mercs any more! Join in xxcue’s thread to dissect the topic!

    SoJ +50 to defense!

    • Peculiarly named title really talks about “How can a ring give armour bonus of any kind?” by DiabloCalibur. Or, perhaps you just want to hear more about the puppy?

    Thanks everyone for reporting on interesting threads. That’s all for now, and remember to continue to send cool/fun/interesting/sad forum links to !

    Oh! And Merry Christmas!

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