I have been quite inspired by the whole Klar and Tryneus mystery and spent loads of time updating and fiddling with lore entries in DiabloWiki in the past week or so. This means the updated wiki articles you see on the front page have been ticking by in a leisurable speed rather than manically rushed by, so you can get a fair chance to see a little bit new stuff popping up. Well, if you can’t catch up with all updates, you can always look at the recent Diablo 3 changes I suppose…

    What’s interesting though is how these things can influence Diablo III, or be hints about Diablo III, something you can read a bit about in this weeks top forum threads.

    What does 1.13 patch tell us about Diablo 3?

    • What indeed? NASE thinks he got a very clear hint from Blizzard in terms of respecs, skills and style. This is your Diablo 3. Well, kinda anyway.

    Tree skills begone discussion

    • Bandreus’ discussion has gone on continuously for almost a month, showing no signs of slowing down! Skill trees are undeniably cool: Could Blizzard ever make a system without any from of trees? Not to mention, I’m not looking forward to reorganise all the skill trees in DiabloWiki!

    Stir Up the Hornet’s Nest: Subscription Play for D3

    • Our dear razen manages to pick hot potatoes more often than not. The question is: Are you REALLY that negative towards subscription play?

    Theory on evidence: The story of D3 explained

    Thanks everyone for reporting on interesting threads. That’s all for now, and remember to continue to send cool/fun/interesting/sad forum links to !

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