First week of December, and incidentally the week of my birthday. Always happy times, if the weather in the UK wasn’t so crap in wintertime. I wouldn’t mind some nice dry cold about now… This is of course not considering how relieved I was my first year here that it wasn’t so cold.

    We humans will always find something to complain about: for the English and the Swedish it’s often the weather! Fortunately for all us hobby-pessimists, we have a game that is delayed that we can complain about, or design choices or the like, so let’s get on with it!

    Ugly-*** helmet, change it

    People of Sanctuary have weak psyche?

    • I made the same assumption as razen when I first heard it. Why DID everyone go insane? It surely can’t be that different from Greeks meeting Elephants in battle the first time. You see something horrible – deal with it!

    PvP HC Dueling without Permanent Death

    • A long going thread by DonkeyHunter that’s interesting to every potential Hard Core player out there. Is this a 100% good idea, or what are the drawbacks?

    WD armor/weapons ideas?

    Fan Classes – The Full List

    • More art (will come in tomorrow’s Fan Art Watch) and user contributions are done and updated. Don’t forget to check out the long list of user-made DiabloWikiFan classes. There are a load made in Diablo wiki, and an even longer list of classes in the forum.

    Thanks everyone for reporting on interesting threads. That’s all for now, and remember to continue to send cool/fun/interesting/sad forum links to !

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