With some interesting revelations over last week, the topics of discussion in the Diablo 3 forums reflect this.

    Somehow, three out of five threads highlighted this week are made by Leugi. And before you ask, no he’s not doing me any indecent favours, he’s just the general Diablo flavour of the week it seems!

    If you’ve seen an especially interesting thread, report it to us at , so it gets the fame it deserves.

    Tree skills begone discussion

    • Bandreus elegantly brings up everything we know about the new skill tree design. Help give input, or just take in others’ in this popular thread.

    Why change “uniques” to “legendary” items?

    • Something we’d all like to know and our own local hippie Leugi is actually asking out loud.

    4 acts? 5 acts? More acts?

    • Another thread by Leugi: Just because Diablo II had four acts does not necessarily mean Diablo III will have the same amount. What do you think?

    Somewhat Official Diablo 3 Release Date Pool

    • If you somehow missed this massive thread started by Mad Mantis over a year ago, you need to check it out. Some unfortunate updates in the last few weeks…

    Heavy Armored Monk WIP

    • Inspired by last week’s Armoured Monk thread, Leugi has started drawing his own concept. Give input or perhaps make your own version.

    Thanks everyone for reporting on interesting threads. That’s all for now, and remember to continue to send cool/fun/interesting/sad forum links to !

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