Ever thought of visiting the Single Player Forum? If no, why not? There’s more there than talk about how many monster you killed in one setting, in fact it’s one of the more lively and active forums on the site despite being hidden away at the very bottom of the Diablo forums list!

    If you still are not convinced, we’re showing off a few threads from the SPF in this week’s Forum Watch, and you can make your judgements afterwards. For a handy list of a few thread highlights, look no further.

    MS Paint Diablo

    • The Single Player Forum has this very popular thread by Liquid_Evil with D2-related MSPain pictures. It doesn’t have to be funny and it doesn’t have to be good (I’ll post a couple of my own to prove that). Just fire up MS Paint and waste ~15 minutes so the rest of us can enjoy.

    The Certain Death Tournament

    • This is a revamped version of the No Vitality Tournament by Wakiki, but with extra restrictions on Rubies, resists, mercenaries, and more.

    12 Days of Christmas Tourney 2009 – Signup

    • Third annual Christmas Tourney held by maxicek. Yes folks, pack that T-Gods, shine those perfect topazes and prepare for the Oblivion Knight baiting, magic finding frenzy that is the 12 Days of Christmas Tourney.

    Is this item good for LLD? [Official LLD item thread]

    • LLD stands for low level dueling, basically some items considered useless or worthless at high levels are worth (quite often literally) a fortune for the right person seeking an item for a particular level tier (lvl 9 being Very low level dueling, and then for levels 12, 18, 29 and 30). A thread by Uncle_Mike well worth checking out, closing in on 2000 replies since January 2008.

    Making PvP Fair

    • You know in D2 how PvP was never really fair? You either had awesome gear and would demolish someone of the same build, or the opposite. DavidJewer is asking if it would it be a good idea for D3 to implement a mode of PvP where the gear is pre-determined and balanced (regularly via patching)?

    Skill Tree Calculators – Feedback & Suggestions

    • Thread created to put feedback for acjohnso’s very cool skill tree calculator. Make sure to try it out, and also give feedback to it!

    Wallpaper and Forum Signature Requests

    • Are you at all interested in getting a custom avatar, signature or perhaps a wallpaper for your PC? Then Holyknight3000’s thread from last year should be your destination. It’s a collection of known artists on the forums who take commissions to create graphics for you. And don;t worry, the commission is free!

    Thanks everyone for reporting on interesting threads. That’s all for now, and remember to continue to send cool/fun/interesting/sad forum links to !

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