Our favourite holiday of the year is fast approaching (yes, I am obviously talking about Halloween on Saturday next week), and we’re still savouring the interviews that were made a few weeks ago, which still pops up here and there. Things are looking pretty good, especially with the added hour of sleep between Saturday and sunday, if you live in a country with daylight saving scheme.

    Why not spending that one extra hour in the middle of the night on Diablo II? If you’re looking for others to help, be helped by or just to play with, check out the Player Match Up forum in the Diablo 2 forums. Any Diablo game is more fun together with others!

    Diablo3.com Tyrael’s wings falling off?

    • “Is it only me, or has the wings been updated again?” – WenoM

    Battlepix Round XXVII?

    • Gorny’s 27th round of battlepix started as far back as January in 2009 and is going strong still. If you haven’t heard of it before, we urge you to check out this staple Diabloii.net feature.

    The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Forum Contest!

    • Another Gorny special timewaster: Come up with your best Halloween avatar and win bragging rights. It’s a totally secret and great honours at stake.

    Guide to Team Dueling v1.1

    • Veteran TienJe has made a very nice and detailed PvP guide to help us kill people.

    Guild vs Clan (no seriously)

    • A little thread by myself to figure out how Diablo Wiki will handle guilds/clans.

    How many hours will you play straight?

    • I know I’ll probably pull an all-nighter, but infectedA asks how long time you will spend in D3 after receiving it.

    Thanks everyone for reporting on interesting threads. That’s all for now, and remember to continue to send forum links to !

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