No one could honestly say we’re in a Diablo Drought right now, with Flux’s six (one, two, thee, four, five and six) interview snippets, and more upcoming Wilson interviews on the horizon.

    Of course, we could always make use of more to store in the Diablo Wiki or to discuss in the forums!

    Speaking of, here are some of the recent highlights from the forums:

    Too much blood – PLS COMMENT

    Need a special build for a special person

    • A very nice initiative by da_vindicator could perhaps use your help in helping someone else…

    One-liner wishes, what do you want in D3 the most?

    • Going on for almost a year now, and 17 pages long, mkbush’s one-liner wishes for Diablo III is still interesting.

    Weapon I wish that will be in game

    • Whips? One of Atech’s favourites. What would YOU like to see in the game?

    Survey: “Zombie Dog” or “Mongrel” – “Zongrel”?

    • In the chat with DiabloWikiJay Wilson, our dear Flux picked up the fact even Wilson is unsure on the DiabloWikiZombie Dog/DiabloWikiMongrel name. What do you htink? Unconventional forum survey.

    The Howling: A forum werewolf game

    • Much like the mafia forum game, here is wickedswami’s werewolf game! Who will survive lynching?

    If last class is Ranged, what would go best with it?

    • Simple question by Technomancer. We’ve all kind of taken for granted the last class will be ranged, so what would then go best with it? Mandatory class speculation thread.

    Thanks everyone for reporting on interesting threads. That’s all for now, and remember to continue to send forum links to !

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