As the BlizzCon orgasm of new information now has ebbed out (still with the odd twitch here and there), we are working hard on adding this plethora of information to DiabloWiki.

    Some twenty odd fans of the franchise have taken the time to make almost two thousand edits in the past two weeks, and you have probably seen the Barbarian and Witch Doctor wiki updates as they have been polished and ready for public viewing. The DiabloWikiWizard is yet to have her facelift, but lots of new stuff is entered into the wiki, so check out the wiki box above and all recent changes!

    The community has also been busy with fan art and making fan classes, but enough of the community twittering: let’s go to the forums!

    Character nationality

    • This thread by Visom
    • has gotten immensely popular. What nationalities are the character classes equate to in our world?

    Is the 5th class the Horadrim??

    • Drakk has an interesting speculation for the next class that not only touches on class archtypes, but also the lore behind it. Is the Horadrim revived, and would we ever want to play anything else?

    Houses in diablo 3

    • Since neither Diablo I or Diablo II had houses or guild houses, the question by Kamilbolt is an interesting one. Would housing fit in D3?

    The F-Keys

    • The “F-Keys” refer to your function keys at the top of your keyboard, and their functionality in Diablo II. Fanusvr dislikes the fact they are removed, and the discussion just took off from there.

    The Map of Diablo III Act II

    • I don’t normally post threads I have started myself, but this is an exception, since it’s interesting for once! It’s the map of the Diablo III demo, what we THINK is Act I. It’s being mapped out slowly but surely, and if you find pictures or video of the demo, you can help out making it!

    Monk = Jeff Bridges

    • New member JoltJared has seen similarities that are hard to deny…

    Rating our class what do you think.

    • Ishtor wants to know how you would rate the classes announced so far on a scale from 1 to 10.

    That’s all for now, remember to report interesting threads to !

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