No particular theme this time around, but some interesting stuff nonetheless. We’ll look at favourite D2 spells seemingly missing in D3, BlizzCon streaming, LAN, Witch Doctor healing, D&D spells in Diablo III and respec systems.

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    Should there be shieldless blocking in D3?

    • CCCenturion thinks there should be a chance to block even without shield, using weapons.

    Spells you will miss

    • A trip down D2 memory lane by theeliminator, looking at spells that seem to be forgotten in D3

    BlizzCon Livestream

    • Is there any way to record it for later viewing? gluecks will pay for it, but might not be able to stay for the whole event.

    Solving the No-LAN problem (well, part of it)

    • With the Starcraft LAN debate raging, people are starting to remember Diablo III won’t have it either. mouseman is one of them, but with a plan.

    Should WD have a form of healing

    Disintegrate not new

    What sort of respec system would you prefer?

    • We’re following up on this thread by Runestar first reported on two weeks ago. 15 pages of comments later, discussions are still going on.

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