This week, we’re delving a bit further into brainstorming, theories and opinions about Diablo III. There would not be any good Diablo III forum coverage without a DiabloWikifan class as well, of course.

    As usual, if you find any threads that you feel are of extraordinary interest e-mail to inform us.

    BlizzCon D3 Panels: Diii.net wants your Questions

    • Our very own Medievaldragon is looking for Diablo III questions. We need them for panels, interviews and anything else that might come up on BlizzCon. Help us and we’ll help you by continuing to bring the best D3 coverage on the net. Also, if you attend yourself, don’t forget that you also can ask these or other questions if you just put yourself in the questions queue!

    Auction Houses – No thank you.

    • We reported on this before, and commonhuman’s discussion continues to rage. Could Auction Houses hurt places like Diii.net?

    Brainstorming: Shape-Shifter Class

    • LaZeR‘s few week old brainstorming discussion is spurred to life, and it’s good, because it’s an interesting one, less bound by talk of specific classes or class archtypes.

    Brainstorming: Active Skills

    • A new brainstorming thread about active skills was started by Technomancer today. What active skills do you htink we can expect to see in D3?

    Concept classes Dragonere and Black Hand

    Place your bets! These are the next two D3 classes

    • commonhumans Asks you to “grow a pair” and just tell your gut feeling what two classes WILL come to Diablo III. Don’t explain it. Don’t defend your post. Just say it. Gut feeling. Now!

    That’s all for now, remember to report interesting threads to !

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