This Forum Watch we will do a small retrospect on forum threads. Some popular threads we have reported on before have gone on over the months without stopping, and the less active ones… Well, who cares anyway? Of course we’re not only looking back, we have some new ones as well!

    As usual, if you find any threads that you feel are of extraordinary interest e-mail to inform us.

    Anime influence on Blizzard

    • First a newer one. NJS has taken a closer look at the art style of Blizzard. It almost looks like the art department slowly turning into a Japanese anime/manga studio…


    • xxcue brought up this interesting topic on the new mercs: the DiabloWikiFollowers. How would you like to see the customization in Diablo III?

    Your future Barbarian’s name will be…

    • Nine months ago, Echod16 started this little inconspicuous thread. Today, it’s 17 pages of Barbarian names from the three or fours when we first reported on it. If you see anyone rolling barb and picking yours, make sure to be quick when you finally get the game!

    What sort of respec system would you prefer?

    • We already know we’re getting it. The question Runestar bring up is what SORT of respec system would you prefer? Two week old thread and 18 pages of replies. Definitely a hot potato.

    Woah…’Mistress of Pain’?

    • This was not a really popular thread the first time around, and we not reported in any Forum Watch, but lurker Rainyia surprised us all by reviving it with her cosplay costume designs for BlizzCon 2009. See the images in the thread, and check out her cosplay MySpace page for other costumes! The thread name is surprisingly fitting for the new turn it has taken.

    I think Diablo 3 is going to suck

    • Slightly related to the DiabloWikiart controversy, bioshocker’s upset comment has been reported on before, and was unexpectedly revived in the last few days again. Do the D3 screens make YOU sick?

    Auction Houses – No thank you.

    • Another thread we have previously reported on where commonhumans strong opposition really put the DiabloWikiAuction House discussion on the table. Little over a month old and almost 300 posts later, we are still curious on how Blizzard will handle the Diablo III Auction House.

    That’s all for now, remember to report interesting threads to !

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