I am back from two wonderful weeks in Sweden full of west-coasty goodness: sun and lot of (expensive) wine! I have had a very good time, even having the time to go to Norway and Halden for a day trip. One of the highlights was feeding 8 week old moose calves in the deep Swedish forests. Thank you SO much Holyknight3000 for covering the Forum Watches when I was gone.

    With the pleasantries out of the way, it’s on with the show!

    If you don’t have the time to read the forums so much, or just want to have the obviously interesting threads pointed out to you, check out the neatly packaged highlights below:

    Item Power and Rarity

    • Just started by Nimbostratus an hour or so ago, but has great potential for a good and creative discussion about just the balance of item power and how rare they are.

    Just a thought open to criticism..

    • This ambiguously titled thread by nukka is about Battle.net 2, and how we can improve it for Diablo 3.

    late game suggestion

    • Picasso has interesting ideas for the Diablo 3 “endgame”. Regardless if you agree with him or not, the topic of endgame is very important, as we’ll likely spend most our time there (if the D3 team is at all inspired by WoW).

    My Biggest fear: D3 = WoW sequel?

    • New member, and enthusiastic lurker PimpJuice brings up a topic many fans are afraid of: Is D3 little more than a WoW sequel when it comes to style?

    A way of making MF gear less important

    • Not asking for the removal of magic find gear, but GetCatTonight is trying to solve the problems with boss runs.

    Fallen One: Hound – WIP

    • Continued from last week’s Forum Watch, Delowyn is adding textures to the Fallen Hound! Starting to look real now…

    Myrmidons need your help

    • Since DiabloWiki is a bit hard to get to at the moment (see next bullet point), here is a chance for you to help theeliminator with his Myrmidon fan class in the forums!

    What happened to the wiki?

    • Holyknight3000 noted it missing, people are obviously interested, since it’s the biggest collection of Diablo info on the net. It will of course be back as soon as possible! In the meanwhile I am crying from the withdrawal…

    That’s all for now, remember to report interesting threads to !

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