Forum Watch #26

Here?s the highlights from the forums for the past week.

Fun Items

  • JonoLith brings up a fun point. What if there were items that affected the gameplay, such as giving a 10% chance to raise zombies?

Mistakes D3 should learn from

  • Nimbostratus brings up 5 points that Diablo 3 should learn from.

Can D3 succeed in professional gaming?

  • bluefly brings up the question about tournaments and brackets. Would they succeed like they do in WoW?

Holding ‘Shift’ to cast a spell

  • JedaxStallion wonders if they will implement the stationary tactic in D3.

Fallen One: Hound – WIP

  • Delowyn returns after a short hiatus and begins work on the Fallen Hound as his latest art project!

Designing a full Skill tree for D3

  • RawBanana listed many variables in full detail for skill trees and how to build them.

New Char Idea (Fallen King)

  • OldFan goes into detail on his idea for the Fallen King; with lore and the pros and cons of such a fan class.

Leord should be back by next week so if you would like to report interesting threads send them to ,  Thanks!

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1 thought on “Forum Watch #26

  1. So there’s a name for people like me! Duriel’s cockroaches, rats, scorpions if they make that delicious squish sound they have to be stomped! Besides, you just know that a demon like Duriel would turn into disgusting maggots and run away right before he died if he could…

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